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Hope foundation believes there is the need to recognize the inherent worth of every human being. We therefore seek to reach out to the less privileged, deprived and the physically challenged in society.

We believe that the only way deprived souls can concentrate and be attentive to their maker in the form of worship and pleasing Him is when their basic needs are at their reach, the foundation has the vision of strategic means of providing such necessities to them in order to propagate the gospel of Christ to them – Prisoners, depressed, handicapped

 and less privileged in society.

We intend to mobilize resources from individuals, organizations and governments to help provide items such as, clothing, food and drinks, toiletries, sanitary pads, Bibles and other Christian literature to, prisons, hospitals, orphanages and special vocational institutes. Regular visitation to the prisons, hospitals, orphanages and homes of the needy to donate items and preach the word of God to them and win them to Christ is our mission

Volunteer hours served in 2020

All profits towards hunger & education relief

Less privileged given hope

How You Can Help

Hunger Relief

We HOPE to provide hunger relief to less privileged in society and inmates in various prisons.


With your volunteer help, we can reach a lot more people who need HOPE.


Donate to empower us to reach the poor, less privileged and inmates in prisons to provide HOPE.


Advocacy is the way to provide support for our HOPE Foundation everywhere you go.

Our Mission

The core vision of hope foundation is to reach out to inmates of prisons, the sick in hospitals, by providing them with basic necessities to enhance their living conditions according to the purpose and intend of God. 

See our CORE VALUES below….

Right Values On People

We believe that all men/women are equal and valuable in the sight of God and He has divine plan of Good for them all.  

Responsibility & Accountability

We believe in mutual responsibility every person must be answerable to his or her actions. That is to say no one should be held to answer for the actions or wrong doing of others. Accept no responsibility you are not ready to be accountable for.

Can Do Attitude

As a people of faith and with God on our side all things are possible to us, we therefore place high premium on attitude and language of victory. In the light of this we do not for concerning the direction of HOPE FOUNDATION, but we hear from God corporately and obey his instruction.

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